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JumpStart Program-Trampoline & Tumbling

The JumpStart Program is something that was put in place within the Trampoline & Tumbling division of USA Gymnastics to identify elite athletes at a young age.  The objective is to discover athletes within the ages of 7-12 years old and put them on the right path to become successful in the elite category.

Once someone is chosen; the athlete, parents and coaches are notified.  At this time, the training requirements to pursue the elite avenue are discussed, as well as the opportunities that follow the specific training regimen.  The coaches will receive guidance and assistance from authorities within the program on how to train these talented athletes.  With everyone involved, the JumpStart members will be put on a definite “fast track”.  By driving down this track, international competition will soon follow.  Because an elite/international level is the ultimate goal, skill preparation is one of the key ingredients.  The development of skills will be focused on so that every athlete reaches their full potential.  The program will also provide a full fitness program for each athlete.

Acceptance into the JumpStart Program is by invitation only.  Testing begins at the State Level, then progresses to the National Level.  Once at the National Level, being chosen to attend the National Training Camp is a possibility.  From that, a National Team (picked annually) will be selected.  In 2009, the  Women’s National Team consisted of 21 athletes, chosen by the JumpStart Committee.

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Toyota International Gymnastics Competition

   This coming weekend (Dec. 12th & 13th) is the Toyota International Gymnastics Competition in Toyota City, Japan.  USA Gymnastics has selected the men and women who will represent our country and they are as follows:


-Alex Artemev (5280 Gymnastics)

-Alex Buscaglia (Stanford University)

-Tim Gentry (Stanford University)


-Kytra Hunter (Hill’s Gymnastics)

-Mackenzie Caquatto (Naperville Gymnastics Club)


Check back for results.

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Trampoline & Tumbling Scholarship Program

     This program is meant for college-age athletes.  The scholarship provides the opportunity for Trampoline & Tumbling athletes to successfully complete higher-education courses while maintaining their elite training/competition schedule.

      To be eligible, the athlete must be at least 17 years old, hold full-time or part-time (at least 8 hours) status at an accredited college or university with at least a 2.5GPA and must be a registered athlete that is training/competing under USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling.

      The scholarship is funded by corporate contributions, partial profits from every sanctioned T&T event and fundraisers.  Do you want to learn more about the Trampoline & Tumbling program?  Click here to visit the USA Gymnastics Trampoline & Tumbling homepage.

Trampoline & Tumbling- Beijing, 2008

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Men's National Team Policies

      Once the members of the USA Gymnastics National Team have been picked, what happens next?  Do you ever wonder what the athletes’ responsibilities are?  What rules they must follow?  Below are the answers to those questions as outlined by USA Gymnastics.

      A list of responsibilities are provided to the selected gymnasts to:  1) Promote gymnastics and the performance of the team members. 2)  Guarantee that the members of the National Team are all held to the same expectations.  3)  Administer the rules related to their participation on the team in advance.

      The team members are expected to:

  • Participate in mandatory training camps for the entire length of the camp.  Obey schedules and other aspects related to training.  Any exceptions require approval in advance from USA Gymnastics.
  • Comply with all fixed guidelines of appearance for USA Gymnastics sponsored trips and/or competitions.  This includes competitive apparel, travel apparel, personal appearance (hair/clothing), wearing emblems and carrying gymnasium bags.  No variations are allowed and any violation will result in immediate dismissal.
  • Each athlete must have a valid and current passport.
  • Team members must adhere to all travel schedules.  They may make their own arrangements with the USA Gymnastics National Office’s approval.  Also, if the athlete has an approved alternative travel plan, additional costs will be the athlete’s responsibility.
  • They must behave in a manner that reflects the high caliber position of being a representative of the U.S. and USA Gymnastics.  They are demanded to make every attempt to cooperate with their teammates, team officials, international officials, foreigners, hosts, etc.  Any grievance must be made initially to the Head Coach and/or Team Manager.

      Because of these policies, our teams are always respectable, polite and put together.  Creating a wonderfully cohesive group.  GO USA!

2009 Mens National Team

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