Multi-Use Mats


Do you ever get stale in your choice of activities with a certain type of mat?  In 2009, we did a lecture called “Mat Magic” which gave many different ways to use all our basic mats. (This and other 2009 lectures are available at www.flippingeducation.com) Here are some ideas for using Octagons which are available at Mancino.  Of course some of these will require a spot depending on the readiness of the child.

  • Tummy on top, roll over
  • Roll over on tummy, pick up a shape and come back.
  • Wheelbarrow, walk over
  • Push it with hands or feet across the floor.
  • Roll it back and forth between partners.
  • Reach over a small barrel to handstand, cartwheel or round-off.
  • Add in obstacle course.
  • Put it by a wall, bridge up on it
  • Jump over a small one.
  • Stand in a pattern, go around them.
  • Toss hoops over them.
  • Sit on it underneath a bar for a glide swing.
  • Lie backwards and kick over.
  • Front Handsprings over.
  • Back Handsprings over.
  • Leap over a small barrel.
  • Support a beginner’s bridge position on a small one.
  • Tie a rope between two standing barrels to cartwheel over.


Have a staff meeting and see how many other ideas you can come up with!  Do you have any ideas? Post a comment and share your out-of-the-box uses for an Octagon.

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