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     I would like to begin by introducing myself.  My name is Cory Fritzinger and I will be bringing you new and exciting news from Alpha Factor periodically.

     This month’s topic is the Alpha Factor Virtual Pro Shop, also known as the “Aerials” line.  Our Aerials website (, offers a variety of items ranging from: leotards to biker shorts, scrunchies to water bottles and all sorts of fantastic accessories in between.  With everyone’s busy fall schedules, we at Alpha Factor make it quick and convenient to purchase those much needed practice leotards online.  In 3 easy steps you can have access to the Aerials site:

                               1.  Go to

                               2.  Choose your state from the drop down menu.

                               3.  Choose your Gym Code.

If your gym is not listed, log in as a GUEST!  We will then make sure that your gym is assigned a Gym Code in the near future.  Look for our “Back to School” and “Holiday” editions of our Aerials catalogs coming to you soon!

COACHES:  For more information on how you can benefit from Alpha Factor’s Virtual Pro Shop, please contact us at 1-800-8ALPHA8.

       I hope everyone has a wonderful month.  Stay tuned for next month’s blog.

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