What Goes Into a Mancino Gymnastics Meet?

lvl 4 nj states
2016 NJ Level 4 State Championships

Do you ever wonder what goes into a Mancino Meet? We start game planning like each set up and execution of the equipment for the weekend is our super bowl.

Pre-Meet Planning: To do so we determine our field of play-the actual competition space, the size of the room, the amount of equipment required, the level of competition, the order of events, the surface we are setting up on, how seating is arranged, and a number of other factors are essential in arranging the an equipment layout.

For set up, we need a clear space (does not include bleachers, or other obstacles) with a minimum of 102’ in at least one direction, as this is the total length of a competitive vault runway and minimum mat set up for behind the vault (Ideally this length would be even longer to allow a buffer between the end of the landing mat and a wall) For the width we like to say 102’ minimum again, as it allows for more options in laying out the space.  Set ups can be done with less than the minimum measurements mentioned above, but usually one will be larger than the minimum in these cases.

Excalabur Cup, 2016. Before and After the Set Up
Excalibur Cup, 2016. Before and After the Set Up

Once the measurements have been determined and submitted, Mancino creates a digital rendition of the layout. Once the layout is approved, the next phase of planning begins and we eagerly await the meet weekend.

The unload plan: Through the years we have seen many unique unload areas. Lots of questions are asked in determining the best way to get our equipment into the facility.  Is there a loading dock? Is the room being loaded into at ground level? How far away is the unloading area to the gym? Do we need to move the trucks from where they are unloaded? Are there curbs? How big are the doors? What time are the volunteers arriving and how much help will you have?

With a fleet of trailers, drivers, and set up crews, we determine which of each will be suited best per location, and await set up day.

The Set-up: Upon arrival our crews will show up with multiple layout copies, tape measures, and implements to mark where each piece of equipment will set up for the weekend. Once the competition area is marked according to the drawings, the trailers are backed in, and we begin the unload. Typically, Mancino sends 2-3 employees with each trailer; the remainder of the help comes from the brave parents that volunteer to be a part of the process.  These volunteers make a huge contribution to the pace in which a set up runs. A single truck set up typically takes 2-3 hours. For every separate gym you see, Mancino has sent 1 truck. So for your smaller meets, one or two trucks will do; but for your larger invitationals, Mancino has sent up to 5 trucks!

The 2016 Pink Invitational had 5 Full Women's Gyms!
The 2016 Pink Invitational had 5 Full Women’s Gyms!

Your Mancino Meet: The morning of the competition, the Mancino team arrives and does one last equipment inspection, chalk stands and water bottles. During the event, the Mancino team is available for assistance with any equipment needs. Between each session, the Mancino team members use their patented mat cleaning process to ensure that the gym looks good as new for each new group of gymnasts. This is not only important to help prolong the life of the equipment (not only for our whole meet season, but for those who buy the Mancino demos) but also because we believe that each session is just as important for the athletes, as the session before it was. Once cleanings are completed, the Mancino team will move equipment as necessary, depending on the level of competition. This process repeats as many times as you can hit play on the compulsory music. Once every athlete has competed and the awards have been handed out, the breakdown begins.

Breakdown: Breakdown and load in are a bit of science for Mancino. Each truck has an identical load-in to make sure each piece will be make it to its next destination. To do this, there are again 2-3 Mancino team members present, who our accompanied by volunteers from the host gym. Lots of heavy moving of mats and pallets and a few hours later as we look back into an empty gym, its like we were never even there!

mancino-mats-liberty-cup-gymnastics-meet-2016 (3)
Liberty Cup, 2016

The Shannon Miller Collection, By Mancino

The Magnificent Seven Won Team Gold at the 1996 Olympics

Shannon Miller. Two Time Olympian. Seven Olympic Medals. Four Time World Championship team member. Nine World Medals. America’s Most Decorated Gymnast. For the last 3 decades, gymnasts and coaches alike aspire to achieve what Shannon did. In the 20 years since Shannon and the Magnificent Seven struck gold in Atlanta, the gymnast has made a name for herself through her Lifestyle brands and kept herself relevant in a sport where the guard changes every four years.

Shannon has started her own line of gymnastics mats with Mancino Manufacturing! The line includes six custom pieces, designed by Shannon, made with the Mancino quality that customers love and trust! The signature line has custom orange and white pieces, which includes equipment for all events! The line was even described by Gymcastic (the Official Gymnastics Podcast) as “beautiful” and “belonging in a posh hotel” (embed episode 168-minute 59).

The collection consists of 6 gym essentials: A Yurchenko vault training mat, a set of bar pads, a no slip beam throw and wrap, as well as a small sting mat and spotting block.

The Yurchenko vault trainer is a new age favorite with coaches and gymnasts.

Where one of the biggest problems with learning a Yurchenko (and fear of gymnasts…let’s be honest) is going crooked and missing the spring board. This can be caused by rushing the roundoff and going around the side. This new type of hand mat forces gymnasts to put their hands in a straight line (that usually gets drawn on the hand mat anyway), which is awesome!  It’s great for beginners just learning cartwheels.

Gymnasts using Shannon Miller Vault Trainer Hand Mat

And can even be put onto the vault runway the same way a traditional hand mat is.

The Shannon Miller bar pads are a new spin on an old gymnast favorite. They were one of the first products that Shannon wanted in her “Training Tomorrow’s Legends” Collection. After all, when you need to get fearless on the Uneven Bars – you need to make sure you have a little extra padding to help build your confidence. The bar pads are great for training all sorts of release moves and dismounts on uneven bars, high bar, and parallel bars. They take away some of the fear, and soften the blow of hitting the bar (because, well, let’s be honest, that happens more frequently than any gymnast wants.

Gymnast Swings on Bars While Using Bar Pads and Shannon Give Coaching Cues
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

So often, beam pads are more a burden than a help. Often they’re bulky, slippery, and cause more fear than they eliminate. Not these two pieces. The beam safety wrap does not add much bulk to the beam at all! With only an inch or so of padding, gymnasts do not lose the sense of the beam when strapping this mat on and the straps make sure it does not budge one bit! This makes it perfect for learning new jumps and acro skills.

Shannon Miller Coaches Gymnast Doing a Backhandspring on Beam Using Her Beam Pad
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

The Shannon Miller beam throw is a perfect mat to keep your beam feet feeling great all season long. Its soft, like a Mancino sting mat, but still thin enough to grab and grip the beam below it! Gymnasts can get more reps of their skills done in a practice without the normal wear and tear their bodies normally feel. Think about a confidence booster that would be! Also, the back side is an awesome no slip material, which means it won’t side off the beam!

Shannon Coaches a Gymnast Doing a Back Tuck on Beam While Using The Shannon Miller Collection Beam Throw
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

And if you’re lucky enough to win a Mancino Mats contest, you could even get Shannon to personally sign one for you!

Shannon Miller Taking the Time Out Of Her Busy Schedule to Sign Mancino Beam Throw
Shannon Miller Taking the Time Out Of Her Busy Schedule to Sign Mancino Beam Throw

The Mini Sting Mat is the perfect size for tumbling take-offs, throwing over a bar for release moves, or any other side station you can think of! And who doesn’t ever need another block! The Mancino quality make it perfect for spotting (perfect height for bars and beam!) and its small size is great for conditioning and drill stations-and it isn’t a pain to lug around the gym!

Shannon Miller Spots Cast Handstand On Her Spotting Block
Photo Credit: Mancino Mats

With her “Training Tomorrow’s Legends” collection by Mancino Mats, Shannon Miller is leaving her mark on another generation of America’s gymnasts.

Shannon Miller with Bobby, Rebecca, and Bob Mancino at the Mancino Booth at 2015 USAG National Congress
Shannon Miller with Bobby, Rebecca, and Bob Mancino at the Mancino Booth at 2015 USAG National Congress

We love you Shannon!

2016 NCAA Big 10 Championship Preview

The BIG 5 qualifiers: Unlike all of the other conferences, the Big 10 does not seed its teams for the conference championship by RQS. Instead, the teams each compete in one of the two Big 5 competitions. The top three teams in each session qualify into the more prestigious “afternoon session” at the Big 10 championships, while the others compete in the earlier (and traditionally lower scoring) session.

Big 5 session one was hosted by Penn State, and also included Minnesota, Michigan, Iowa, and Rutgers. While Michigan was the clear favorite to win this session, they had to count a fall on beam which could not be overcome, even with strong performances on the other three events, and their team total of 196.875 was only good enough for 3rd place. Penn state took full advantage of their home field advantage, posting solid scores on every event and advancing in the 2nd spot with a 197.125. Minnesota had a breakout performance at the qualifier, posting a monster 197.425, including a PERFECT 10 on beam by Hanna Nordquist! Despite being the 3rd highest ranked team in the Big 10, Minnesota and their 9-0 regular season record was crowned Regular Season champions after their win at the Big 5 meet.

Gymnastics team posing after winning 2015 Big 10 Championships

Iowa also posted a very solid road score of 196.65, behind strong performances from Mollie Drenth and Angel Metcalf, however a few lower scores across the board pushed them into the morning session. While Rutgers was the lowest ranked team coming into this meet, they went toe-to-toe with the big names on vault and floor. However, some small mistakes on beam and two falls on bars took them right out of the running.

Big 5 session two was hosted by Ohio State and also included Nebraska, Michigan State, Illinois, and Maryland. Nebraska was the favorite to top this session and they did not disappoint. By breaking the 197 barrier behind leaders Hollie Blanske, Danielle Breen, and Grace Williams, they easily secured their spot into the night session. Michigan State came out big that night, with a big floor rotation which made up for some small errors on vault and bars; their 196.35 was good enough for second place and a ticket into the big night session. Host Ohio State secured the 3rd place position with a 196.1, after some imperfect vault landings and a fall on bars required them to count a lower score. After a strong start to the season, Illinois has been lackluster. Without the likes of star Mary Jane Horth, as well as an injury to Giana O’Connor at this meet (both individual qualifiers to last year’s NCAA championships), they found themselves counting low scores on both vault and bars, resulting in a team score of 195.95 and the 4th seed out of this meet. Maryland, like Rutgers, is new to the Big 10, and is in a rebuilding year, after the loss of NCAA All-Americans Katy Dodds and Stephanie Giameo.  While Maryland had a good meet for themselves, scoring near their season high, with a 195.5, their routines are not yet at the caliber to fight with the top of the Big 10.

*It is interesting to note that 4th place Iowa’s score out of the first Big 5 session would have seeded them 2nd if they had competed in the other qualifier, which would have put them in the night session.

The sessions:

The Big 10 championships will be split into two sessions. The morning session (12pm ET) features #18 Iowa, #25 Illinois, #38 Maryland, and #40 Rutgers.

Who to look out for:

While the morning session does not bolster as many big names as the evening session, keep your eye on the following gymnasts: Even with injuries, Illinois still has star power in Erin Buchanan, Sunny Kato, and Lizzy Leduc. Iowa’s Drenth and Metcalf (as mentioned above) as well as Alie Glover and Nikki Youd are posed for big days. Look for some big gymnastics from Rutger’s all-arounder Libby Groden, sophomore Makenzey Shank, senior Nicolette Wilson (who does a beautiful layed out tsuk full on vault) and 5th year senior Emma Hoffman.

Maryland will try to rally behind senior standout Kathy Tang to post a big team score and secure their spot into the NCAA regionals.

The afternoon session (5pm ET) #7 Michigan, #12 Nebraska, #16 Minnesota, #28 Penn State, #29 Ohio State, and #36 Michigan State

Who to look out for:

The night session is packed with talent and big gymnastics. For Michigan, keep your eye on juniors Nicole Artz and Talia Chiarelli as well as superstar frosh Olivia Karas and sophomore Brianna Brown.

Penn State will be lead by Georgia transfer Kiera Brown, former Canadian elite Briannah Tsang, and bars/beam specialist Nicole Medvitz (who scored a 9.975 on beam at the Big 5 meet).

Minnesota is lead by senior sensation Lindsay Mable, as well as beam star Nordquist.

For Nebraska, watch their all-around stars Blanske, Breen, and Williams, and look for additional big marks from Leang and Schweifhofer. Ohio State is lead by all-arounder Alexis Mattern (who does an awesome piked Quervo on vault and a huge double layout on floor), as well as Taylor Harrison (who qualified as an individual to the NCAA championships last season). Look for a big meet from the Michigan State all-arounders Lisa Burt and Brittany Holmes, as well as big numbers from Kira Frederick and Hailee Westney.

For your viewing pleasure, both sessions of the Big 10 championships will be broadcast on the Big 10 network, as well as streamed online through the Big 10 + service.

Predictions: While Michigan is the reigning Big 10 champion, and has the highest national ranking, they are a very hit or miss team. If the team catches fire, they will be unstoppable. Michigan is going to have to battle it out with red hot, regular season champs (and Big 10 champs 2013 and 2014), Minnesota, as well as the home team-Nebraska, Penn State. Also, don’t count out Iowa from the early session; if the scoring is consistent, this up and coming team could challenge for a spot on the podium.

Bold prediction: 1. Michigan 2. Minnesota 3. Nebraska


2016 NCAA SEC Championship Preview

The SEC is the premier conference in gymnastics. Throughout the modern era of NCAA women’s gymnastics, 19 out of the 34 NCAA championships (56%) have been won by a team in the SEC. Traditional powerhouses include Georgia and Alabama, as well as Florida, who have won the last 3 in a row! These three teams are also the only teams to with the SEC championship in the modern era (aside from LSU who won the very first SEC championship back in 1981).

Every single one of the teams in this conference is ranked in the top 25, an impressive feat. The conference consists of (with their end of regular season RQS rankings) #2 Florida, # 3 LSU, #4 Alabama, #6 Auburn, #8 Georgia, #13 Arkansas, #20 Missouri and #22 Kentucky.

The SEC championship is broken down into two sessions, where the four lower ranked teams compete in the afternoon session and four higher ranked teams compete in the evening session. The earlier session will feature host Arkansas, as well as Georgia, Kentucky, and Missouri. Georgia, a traditionally very strong team, has had their fair share of struggles on Beam this year. They had to count multiple falls on beam in many of their regular season meets this year, which has covered their RQS in a wet, beam tears filled, blanket. If they hit beam, Georgia can challenge any of the teams in this session as well as the evening one. Host Arkansas has had a big season, beating rival Alabama in Tuscaloosa and Auburn. While they have had some injuries this year, look for them to take advantage of their home field and fans to post a big score from the early session. Missouri is having a breakout year, for only their fourth season in the SEC. Rallying behind some impressive underclassmen; Mizzou is definably an up and coming team to watch over the next few years, especially with only one senior on the roster. Kentucky, like Missouri, is a team filled with underclassmen potential. While I don’t expect them to make a major impact at the SEC championships this year, they are definitely a team to watch as their athletes grown and mature.

Gymnasts to watch:

Georgia is lead by senior standouts Brandie Jay (former US national team) and Brittany Rogers (2012 Canadian Olympian and 2016 Rio hopeful).  Additionally, keep an eye out for Mary Beth Box and Sydney Snead.

Arkansas is lead by all-arounder Amanda Wellick, as well as Paige Zaziski and Stephani Canizaro. Mizzou has gotten a big boost this season from super-frosh Morgan Porter and Britney Ward, so look for their scores to make a big impact for the team. Kentucky is powered by the young but mighty freshmen Sidney Dukes, Alex Hyland and Katie Stuart.

The evening session: Barring the NCAA super 6 finals, this competition is poised to be one of the best meets we’ve seen in the NCAA all season, with every team ranked in the top 10, this meet could be anyone’s game. Being the top ranked seed in this meet, Florida may seem like the clear favorite to win this meet. Their lineups are filled with the who’s who of USA gymnastics from the past decade. However, their RQS has been bolstered a bit this season with help from the 10.0 bug, as well as some home field gifts. We shall see if the championship judging is even for all teams competing (this does not apply just to the gators, but to all of the teams in this session really). Poised for the upset, is #3 LSU. They have also been bitten by the 10 bug (no pun intended) quite a few times this season, and have posted some monster scores both home and on the road. With an extremely talented group of freshmen that complement their veterans, this may be the year for LSU to finally get their rings. Alabama is always a dark horse in the SEC. While never the highest ranked team, they often take advantage of other team’s mistakes and narrowly sneak in front for the win. While they are often known for their big gymnastics and clean landings, the Crimson Tide has been hampered by a series of mistakes this year, especially from athletes they like to rely on. If they don’t have to count any falls this meet, Alabama could post just as big a score as LSU and Florida. Auburn may be the best story of the 2016 NCAA season. They made their mark last season when they knocked off a bunch of higher ranked teams to qualify into the NCAA super six finals, and in 2016 they picked up right where they left off. They are the queens of the upset this year, beating Georgia in Athens and Alabama for the first time since 1979! They are on a roll and watch for this team to prove that they deserve their place in the premiere session at the SEC championships.

Gymnasts to watch:

When it comes to Florida, all of their routines are must see, really. Lead by senior Bridget Sloan (2008 Olympian and 2009 World Champion), she has scored 3 perfect 10s this season (2 on beam and 1 on floor) as well as quite a few more on every other event throughout her career. Florida will also rely on standout performances from Kennedy Baker, Alicia Boren, Alex McMurtry, and Bridgette Caquatto.

LSU is lead by junior Ashleigh “Bugs” Gnat, who has scored 5 perfect 10s this year (two on vault for her amazing yurchenko double full, and three for her jammed packed floor routine) and sophomore all-arounder Myia Hambrick. Also look for big scores from junior Sydney Ewing and freshman Sarah Finnegan (who was the 2012 US Olympic team alternate).

An awesome, fan friendly part to this year’s SEC championships is that it will be broadcast in multiple ways. Both sessions will be televised live, with the afternoon session being shown on ESPNU at 2pm and the evening session being showed on the SEC Network at 6pm. Additionally the SEC Network + will be live streaming the event through its online broadcasting feature, where you will be able to watch streams of any individual apparatus or with “the all around”, a quad-box feature where you can watch all four event streams simultaneously!

Predictions: I think this is the year for LSU. With an even playing field that the championship setting (is supposed to) bring, they are just as good, if not better, as a team than Florida. The better team effort will come away with the rings. Also, don’t count out the big gymnastics that Georgia and Auburn will bring; I think those two teams will battle it out for 3rd place.

Bold Prediction: 1. LSU 2. Florida 3. Auburn

Meet Spotlight: Pink Invitational-Feb 26-28

The Pink Invitational is one of our favorite meets of the year! We at Mancino are one of the major sponsors of this event that supports such an amazing charity, Unite for Her.

(For those of you that have never heard about Unite for Her, they are a wonderful charity that support women who have been diagnosed with breast cancer. They provide them with amazing supplements to their traditional treatments, including dietitian services, fresh produce baskets, yoga, acupuncture, massages, and more…FREE OF COST!)

Anyway, the 2016 Pink Invitational (hosted by AJS Pancott) was the largest one ever, hosting over 3500 athletes from all over the East Coast and featured an amazing NCAA session. The event is held annually at the Philadelphia Convention Center and consisted of 5! Gyms filled with Mancino Mats!

The NCAA competition featured an even match-up between #25 West Virginia and #26 Penn State, as well as up and coming Temple, and a DII showdown between #5 West Chester and #6 Southern Connecticut State. The stands were packed and the atmosphere was lightning! Penn state’s phenomenal floor rotation could not overcome earlier errors on beam and West Virginia won the meet with a strong all around team performance and scored a 196.225 over Penn State’s 195.675, West Chester’s 193.475, Temple’s 191.625, and SCSU’s 188.70. WVU was lead by strong performances from Kirah Koshinski, who took the vault title, as well as Alexa Goldberg. Penn State’s Kiera Brown and Briannah Tsang also had strong performances, with Brown winning the bars and all-around title and Tsang coming away with the floor title. Additionally, West Chester broke their school record following strong performances from Jr. Majesta Valentine, Lindsay Knapp, and Meghan Brannon. The meet also featured these AMAZING custom designed Mancino floor corners!

Gym Dandy's receives award for money raised to be donated to Unite for Her from Mancino
For a full NCAA recap, visit our friends at the Gymternet.

The Pink meet also featured 3 jam-packed Level 10 sessions with strong showings from Hills, Action, and Prestige gymnastics, exciting competitions at levels 3-9, and Xcel meets! A young gymnast even scored a Perfect 10! But, in my opinion, the most fun part of this meet is the support shown by the competitors, the gyms, and everyone involved for the women helped by this charity!

2016 Pink Invitational gymnasts wear pink capes in support of Unite for Her
(For more pictures from the event, check out the album on our facebook page!)

All of the athletes came decked out in all of their Pink gear and competed in amazing GK pink leos. There were appearances from both the Phillie Phanatic and Jim Kenney, the MAYOR OF PHILADELPHIA! Also, 2012 Olympic Champion McKayla Maroney was there to sign autographs and inspire gymnasts.

As a proud partner in Pink, Mancino was able to give away some amazing prizes to participating gyms that raised the most money for Unite for Her. The top 16 fundraisers earned prizes and raised a total of $147,000! Prizes included pieces from the Shannon Miller Collection, a JF springboard, a case of chalk, and Mancino Money, and big winners were Gymnastics Express, South Shore Gymnastics, and Roth’s Crosspoint Gymnastics!

Roth's Crosspoint Gymnastics poses with Rebecca Mancino aft they won a prize at the 2016 Pink Invitational
Pink Invitational gymnasts pose after they won a Shannon Miller Vault Round off trainer by Mancino

Upper Merion Gymnastics sits on Shannon Miller Collection by Mancino spot block after winning it at Pink

Rebecca Mancino poses with Gym Dandy's at 2016 Pink Invitational as they won Shannon Miller Beam Pads

Meet Spotlight-The Starstruck Invitational | Jan 15-17

The annual Star Struck invitational is such a fun meet to go to, and in their 19th year, host Starbound gymnastics has this meet down to a science! With 4 gyms packed with Mancino Mats, it was great to see 3000 gymnasts pass through over the long weekend. The meet is held in the Atlantic City convention center, minutes away from the Jersey Shore, outdoor outlets, casinos, and restaurants!

This meet featured three days of sessions filled with USAG, Xcel, USAIGC, and JOGA competitors and was a Nastia cup qualifier. There were two level ten sessions, filled with athletes vying for the Senior bid to the Nastia Cup. The first session was highlighted by the North Stars, NJ, with strong performances by Olivia Raymond and Rachael Lukas, World Class, VA, and TNT, NJ, and the second session was won by Penn State commit Kristen Politz and by American Gymnastics CT. The sessions also featured former elites Alonza Klopfer, Melissa Reinstadtler, Ashley Foss, Julianna Drapkin, and Arianna Agrapides. Raymond was the winner of the prestigious Nastia Cup bid and will compete at the Prudential Center in Newark, NJ along with the 35 of the best level 10s from across the country on Friday, March 4th.

Starbound and Starstruck Invitational 2016
(Photo credit: North Stars Gymnastics Facebook Page)

Another cool feature of this meet is the event finals session, featuring the top level 9 and 10 competitors for each session. The top three athletes on each event from each age group in each of the level 9 and 10 sessions were invited to compete again in a “best of the best” showcase! (although one drawback is that many of the gyms do not plan to stay for the event, since it is offered the next day, and withdraw their athletes. So this session did not feature any North Star athletes, who basically swept session 1.) The level 9 titles were won by Jamison Sears, World Class (vault 9.725), Kelsey Jones, World Class (bars 9.475), Renee Schugman, GM Smithtown (beam 9.425), and Kiana Lewis, World Class (floor 9.4). The level 10 titles were won by Arianna Agrapides, Premier (vault 9.775), Olivia Weir, AJS Pancott (bars 9.55 and floor 9.575), and Payton Bellows (beam, 9.35).
This meet even features a men’s competition! What a great experience for these boys to come out to a cool venue and compete at a major event like this (an opportunity that is a rarity in the JO men’s gymnastics program).

setup of starstruck invitational 2016

And we at Mancino love when the gymnastics community gets the opportunity to give back. Each year, the Starstruck Invitational acts as a fundraiser for a charity, and this year, they were able to donate $18,000 to the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia!

Children's Hospital of Philadelphia donation from startstruck invitational 2016

West Chester University vs. Rhode Island College

Hello Mancino MAT-ters Readers,

I’ll be on the road this weekend to attend a collegiate gymnastics competition.  The Lady Rams (West Chester University of Pennsylvania) will host Rhode Island College this coming Saturday, February 20, 2010.   The competition starts at 11:30a.m. and will be held on the WCU campus.  Altough we support all collegiate gymnastics teams here at Mancino, I will be cheering for West Chester.  I mean, c’mon…it’s my alma mater!  Go Rams!  Come join me and support the WCU Gymnastics Team.

West Chester University Gymnastics

Would you like Mancino to come support your team?  Let me know when your competition is and I’ll try to fit it into my schedule.  (julie@mancinomats.com)

JumpStart Program-Trampoline & Tumbling

The JumpStart Program is something that was put in place within the Trampoline & Tumbling division of USA Gymnastics to identify elite athletes at a young age.  The objective is to discover athletes within the ages of 7-12 years old and put them on the right path to become successful in the elite category.

Once someone is chosen; the athlete, parents and coaches are notified.  At this time, the training requirements to pursue the elite avenue are discussed, as well as the opportunities that follow the specific training regimen.  The coaches will receive guidance and assistance from authorities within the program on how to train these talented athletes.  With everyone involved, the JumpStart members will be put on a definite “fast track”.  By driving down this track, international competition will soon follow.  Because an elite/international level is the ultimate goal, skill preparation is one of the key ingredients.  The development of skills will be focused on so that every athlete reaches their full potential.  The program will also provide a full fitness program for each athlete.

Acceptance into the JumpStart Program is by invitation only.  Testing begins at the State Level, then progresses to the National Level.  Once at the National Level, being chosen to attend the National Training Camp is a possibility.  From that, a National Team (picked annually) will be selected.  In 2009, the  Women’s National Team consisted of 21 athletes, chosen by the JumpStart Committee.

NCAA Gymnastics Rankings

     Well, Oklahoma is still undefeated, Alabama is still on top and Auburn beat Georgia for the first time in program history.  We’re four weeks into Women’s Collegiate Gymnastics and it’s been very exciting thus far as predicted.  Up to date rankings are below…





5.Oregon State